Monday, October 3, 2011

Secret Project: WiP 1

So I put an hour or so into my super secret project. This time I have worked on the head of the Warboss and the squig.

I kinda like this. I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with the skin, but I did like the way I did the helmet. I painted it in Boltgun Metal, and then washed it with Gryphonne Sepia and then Badab Black. Then I went back with Chainmail to edge it and put some scrapes on. I have always have issues with painting horns (I've had a lot of practice with my Dwarfs). I really just have a hard time painting the thin stripes that GW and others usually put into horns. So what I did on my second attempt was to lay down a base coat of Scorched Brown, and then dry brushed Bleached Bone. I think it looks pretty good, and these may be my best looking horns yet!

Next up, the squig. I have been wanting to paint a squig for ages and here is my first attempt. I know that a lot of people will paint their squigs in many different shades, but I really like the iconic red squig. 

With that in mind I was trying to figure out what I was going to do for the inside of the mouth. I decided to paint the tongue and gums purple. Mainly because I rarely get a chance to paint purple.

So what I did was to lay down Hormagaunt Purple, then I dry brushed Mordian Blue and then Bleached Bone. I finished up this phase up with a huge wash of Leviathan Purple. Once that had dried, I did a very light dry brush of skull white.

The skin of the squig started out with Mechrite Red, then Red Gore. I washed the whole body with Baal Red. Once that dried I dry brushed Blood Red and Fiery Orange. I should have stopped there, but I did another dry brushing of Bleached bone. I hit it up with another wash of Baal Red.

For the teeth I started out with Scorched Brown then Bleached Bone and hit the tips with Skull White. I then washed the teeth with Ogryn Flesh to get a blood-spattered teeth look. The claws were similarly done. Scorched Brown, Bleached Bone, Skull White, but then a Devlin Mud wash.

The only thing I am not happy with are the eyes. I tried to just get a dot of Fiery Orange, but it doesn't look distinct enough. I'm thinking of maybe hitting a Baal Red wash, but I'm afraid that it going to make it worse. We'll see.

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