Friday, October 21, 2011

Spray Date

Well a buddy and I are going to get together for what I have laughingly dubbed a "spray date." We are going to get together, watch some college football and paint some minis (it is not nearly as gay as it sounds).

In order to get ready for taking all of my stuff over to his place, I am breaking out the air brush and spraying some guys in order to be ready to paint once I am over at his house.

Here is what I am spraying. I have a rhino, two razorbacks with heavy bolters, and seven bike riders.

This is the airbrush I bought. It is a Master brand and it is pretty cheap. Most of the blogs I read said you should lay down some good money on your first airbrush and learn how to paint with that, and I would tend to agree except for the fact that I got the brush and the compressor for $80, and it was a choice between having it all now, or perhaps sometime in the future when I could convince my wife that $200 on a brush and $200 on a compressor is a good idea.

Here is the compressor. It is VERY quiet, but the only problem is that it does not have a tank, so it runs constantly while you are painting and it get VERY hot VERY quickly. Also pictured, my freakish foot.

The primer I am using.

All in all it took me about 7 minutes to spray all of the stuff. Not too bad. It would have taken a lot longer with a can of paint.

Now some people will tell you use latex gloves while you paint, but I am here to tell you that those people are wusses. They may have clean hands, but they are wusses. 


  1. Two questions: where in your house do you have you airbrush set up, and how do you handle other items after getting primer all over your hands? I love the airbrush primer.

  2. The airbrush is set up in my garage. I still have a spray box for it, but I want more ventilation.

    Usually, I spray and then I go clean up. So I take the airbrush into the kitchen and let it soak in some warm water while I clean my hands. With the airbrush the primer dries really fast so usually I don't have to worry about wet paint on my hands.

  3. I love my airbrush, though I usually use it for my base coat and not priming (and also big models). I also have that exact same compressor. Is that primer you are using water based?