Thursday, October 6, 2011

Secret Project: WiP 4

Well I've been truckin' along on this Ork. He has been fun to paint. All I have left after this pole is his base.

So here is the bosspole part of the backpack. All the metal started out Boltgun Metal. There was one exception. I wanted to be a little bit cheeky, so I painted the middle finger of the fist gold, just for a laugh. Next, I painted the fingers and the horns Devlin Mud, and the "palm" and "face" were washed in Badab Black.

I wanted a bit more red in the model, so I made the hair red. To do this, I based the hair in Iyanden Darksun, and then washed it in Baal Red.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is I picked out all of the "rivets" in Dwarf Bronze. I did it on the Bosspole, and on the armor, and I even went back (after the photos were taken) and picked out the rivets on the helmet from Monday. I think it makes the metal pop a bit more.

For the backpack, I did two different leather shades, just like I did yesterday. I used Calthan Brown and Khemri Brown washed with Devlin Mud. The metal was Boltgun Metal again, and washed in Devlin Mud (that seems to be a theme with this model) and them picked out some dots on the pistol with Dwarf Bronze again. The tooth/tusk was done the same as I always do it, Astronomican Grey, Bleached Bone and Gryphonne Sepia.

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