Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sky Claws: A Look Back

Well, it has been a wild ride the past few weeks putting these guys together. I think they came out really well. Here are some photos of all of the Sky Claws I have painted.

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  1. Hey man, these look nice.

    Your blue is darker than mine, and you've Wayy more of the guys :)

    I didnt have a wolf preist handy either so had to busk one.. you'll see him soon.

    I will ask one thing though.. do you thin your paints? if so, how? because I cant help the feeling that the edge highlighting might benefit from a lighter application, and maybe a second, thinner edge highlight on top..

    I do like the way these things play though, just need more FA slots now... or maybe I should take the squad to 10 for apoc games... oo, with a wolf lord too...