Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last of the Sky Claws (Sort Of)

So here it is, the last of the Sky Claws (sort of).

The last two guys. I hope you enjoy.

So on this guy I'm back to using "vanilla" Space Marine jump packs. So I wanted to wolf them up a bit. I liked how I did shield on the back of one of the earlier guys, and I wanted to do it again, but different. This time I tossed some axes from WHFB dwarfs.

OK, now I've got to admit that from this angle, it doesn't look very good. 

 But from here, I think it looks pretty bad-ass. I think I did a good job with these axes. I had to file some notches into both of the axes so that I could get the axes to lay a bit flatter. I also had to file down the underside of the bottom ax so that it would lay down better.

One thing I am considering is going back and painting knee pads on a lot of my units. Perhaps to help differentiate squads, but I am worried that my fine detail painting isn't so great. Here is a pretty good example of that. This is one of the molded knee pads, and I don't think i did it very well (I'm hoping it'll look good on the table top).

The second guy is pretty similar. He of course has the shield on his back.

 I really like this shield. It looks a bit different from the last one I did, and I think it looks pretty good.

One last pick, and this one is another one of the plastic molded wolf-head shoulder pad. It wasn't bad. I think these pads are growing on me which is funny as I am nearing the end of this project.

Well I do have two more Sky Claws to paint up, but they are going to wait a bit. I am planning to do a large batch of priming and base coating with my new air brush (although I don't know how new it is, I've had it like four months). I'm planing on doing those two guys and a lot of my tanks. I hope it goes well.

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