Friday, October 14, 2011

Musings on Sky Claws

So a friend of mine asked me the other day how many points of Space Wolves I own. I replied with a rough estimate of 4000 points (I bet I could tool it up to 6000 easy) and that got me to thinking about putting together an army list for my entire army.

So because I am working on Sky Claws at the moment, I put those into Army Builder first, and I realized that I messed up. I made one dude with a flamer, one dude with a plasma gun and a third guy with a plasma pistol. The problem is that you can only have one of those per unit. With a smallest unit size of five, I didn't have enough guys built to field three units. I'm two short.

Time to go to the bits box. I found some generic space marine legs, and some nifty chests. I have tons of heads floating around so that was no problem. What was the problem was arms. I seem to have a ton of bolt pistols and chain swords that are left arms, but I can't seem to find any that are right arms. Well I did finally find two, but I don't think I have any left. I guess that means my Swift Claws will all be driving with their right hands and swinging a sword with their left.

Anywho, this means I now have two more Sky Claws to paint. I took the opportunity to toss a power sword on one, and I found some nifty wolf cloaks to put on the both of them. They'll be primed shortly, and I'll probably (hopefully) knock one out each night in the coming weeks, but I do have a couple more guys that are further along in the painting process.

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