Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wulfen Update

Well I promised Wulfen for Monday, but that didn't happen. That's mainly because of Pathfinder. I bought three figures for the Pathfinder campaign I'm in on Friday, and had them painted up for them for the game we played on Sunday (I'll post pics of them on Friday). So this left me very little time to do anything for the Wulfen.

All I really got done with them is their shoulder pads. I went over the Iyander Darksun and Mechrite Red to brighten those colors up, and I thought I should have more done to post an update.

Anywho. I put a couple of hours into the Wulfen today. Pretty much the only thing I have left to do on them are the actual wolf heads, the wolf tails, and any purity seals that are on the armor.

So here they are.

So like the Scout Wulfen, these guys are using the chain axes to make them stand out, and let people know that their CC attacks are rending attacks.

One of the things that I really like about these guys is that really only two of the eight look like they are actually firing their Bolt Pistols, because I really feel that from a fluff point of view, the Wulfen will be more interested int getting into CC rather than shooting their pistol.

The only delemma I am having, is the colors. I think the shoulder pads are looking a bit bright. This has got me thinking about all of the pads for the entire army.

Now if I had to start over, I would probably go with the Grey that has been going around on blogs such as The Space Wolves blog, but there is no way that I am starting over. I'm have actually come to the conclusion that I am too lazy to even stop painting the army and go back over the shoulder pads. Perhaps at some later date, I may re-do the shoulder pads, but for the moment, I think I'm going to stick with the bright colors.

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