Friday, June 24, 2011

Completed Wolf Scouts

So after months and months of procrastination, the Wolf Scouts are finally done. I'm not sure why I waited so long, but I am very happy to finally finish them, I think they look great.

I am very happy with the minor conversions I did with them. Of the 15, only 6 have their original heads, and there are also 6 weapon conversions from adding chain axes and chain swords to bolt pistols from the Space Wolf box set.

I am also more satisfied with the colors this time around. I think the tan/khaki pants are much better than the blue/grey that they were. 

While I am a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to go with the original plan and use a Genestealer claw as I saw on the Space Wolves blog. I think the chain ax is a suitable replacement. If nothing else, it makes them stand out at a distance.

I was going to go through and add purity seals on these guys. I have enjoyed doing purity seals on the past few projects, but I really don't see it being a very wolf-ie thing. In all honesty, I outta go back and scrape all of the purity seals off the power armor dudes, but that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much work for someone as lazy as me.

I started working on my eight wulfen last night. I finished up the yellow (I hate yellow), and was toying around with how to paint the wings on the chests. I'm not 100% on what I am going to do with those yet. I should have some updated WiP shots for you on Monday.


  1. They look awesome man, those chain axes look great.

  2. They are looking so awesome, those old models look really good with the head swaps and brought up to date like that. I might have to look out for some of them myself as I'm very impressed with what you have done with them.

    Great work.