Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Audio Book Review: Raven's Flight

I've been sitting on this review for a while now, but with Age of Darkness out, I figured I better get this one posted.

Raven's Flight gives us yet another view of the Dropsite Massacre. This time, the immediate aftermath from the point of the Raven Guard. The story takes on two points of view. One from Marcus Valerius an Imperial Army. His family has faithfully served the Imperium and the Raven Guard for generations. But he has been plagued by dreams of death for the past seven days. This coincidently (not really) enough is the same time that the Raven Guard fleet should have translated into the Istavaan system. He believes it is a sign that Corax is in trouble.

On the other side of the story we watch the events unfold through the eyes of Corax himself, and boy is he in trouble.

I knew very little about the Raven Guard before this story so it was good to get some background information on them. I also really enjoyed the scene where Coral attacks the Iron Warriors. We always see space marines tear though unaugmented humans, and it is impressive to see a Primarch do the same to space marines.

The sound effects and music really augment this story in a good way and truly add to the story.

I give this story four murders of ravens out of five.

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