Friday, June 17, 2011

Stealthy Wolves

Well I've put quite a bit of time into my Wolf Scouts this week. One thing I have noticed is that it takes a long friggin' time to paint 15 dudes assembly line style. But when you think about it, I figure I have spent about 5 hours on these guys so far, but that is only about 20 minutes per model.

I really like the pants on these scouts. Before they had blue pants, and blue shoulders with black carapace armor. I thought it was odd to have blue shoulders, but black chests, and I thought it was too much blue. Now I have gone with the khaki pants, and blue carapace armor.

I still have quite a bit of work to do yet. I haven't done the hair on anyone, and a few of the guys will need teeth done. Then I'll have to do highlights on the armor and some of the leather.

Interesting bit of trivia (at least for me) is that 9 out of the 15 guys have had head swaps and 4 out of 15 have had weapon swaps.

Anywho, without further adieu, here they are (also, I was trying to get a bit fancy with my photo-fu).

First up are the guys that will counts as power weapons. I'm not sure if I will actually paint them the way I paint my other power weapons. I'll figure that out later.

Next up is just the basic dudes with combat knives. 

Here we have the chainsword dudes. Like I said before, I understand scouts are supposed to be stealthy but these are Space Wolves! Rawr!

Next up is the melta gunners. Its hard to see but I have tried to put some discoloration on the ends of the meltaguns to show the extreme heat of the weapon.

I really like the effect on the plasma guns. Here I paint a base coat of Astronomican Grey, so that I can lay down a smooth coat of Skull White. After that I use some Asurmen Blue wash on top. The idea is that at the center it is blue, but it is radiating out to white. I'm not quite sure if I pull it off, but I like it.

Here are the Wulfen, they look pretty funny at the moment, because they have prominent teeth, and at the moment the teeth are black. The guy on the right, had a Bolt Pistol swap from the Space Wolf sprue. I did this just so that I had some continuity between the Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, and Scouts, other than the colors and all of the wolf tails.

This is the group photo. Good news is that I have recently purchased a second plasma gunner, so I will have a nice round number of 16 dudes.

Lastly, a picture of my ghetto, photo booth. I know that the pictures were a bit dark. I'll have to try a brighter bulb in my lamp. I am trying to move away from the overly busy pictures that I usually post (with all my painting crap in the background), but still have something easy to whip out and use to take photos.

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  1. Look very good, can't wait to see them with the further touches done to them as well.

    A cool photo-booth as well, might have to try something like that for myself.