Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue Man Group

So the Crimson Fists squad is finally done. They took a long time, but it isn't because I didn't enjoy painting them. The colors were a nice change of pace. The dark blue and red were really a nice contrast that made the marines very colorful and therefore fun to paint as well as visually appealing.

First up is the man himself, Pedro Kantor. I have liked this mini since it came out and I have been looking forward to painting him since that time. He was quite fun to paint. He is a good mixture of ornateness (I'm sure that is a word) and simplicity. Some of the models become difficult to paint just because of the shear amount of detail on the model. Pedro is a good mix between a run-of-the-mill tac marine, and something like a chaplain.

Next up the the squad sergeant. This guy is pretty straight forward. I like his tabard, but I'm not quite sure why he has a bolt pistol. Its not like he is going to get an extra attack from it. Now thing I did mess up on him is that I didn't put the metal Crimson Fist backpack on him, so now I've got an extra. I suppose I could rip the one off his back and replace it with the extra CF backpack but that seems like a bit much to do right now.

Next up the flamer dude. Its hard to see in the pic, but I like the way I did the discoloration on the end of the flamer. I first did a was of Asurmen Blue, about 3/4 of the way up the nozzle, then did devlan mud about 1/2 of the way up. It does a good job of showing the burned-on effect I was going for. I also have the auspex dude. I know that auspex doesn't do anything in the game now-a-days, but I like the fact that he breaks up the "regular" dudes so the all don't look alike. It was also fun to paint the auspex screen, although I think I did a better job on the one for my Iron Hands. Lastly, like the auspex dude, I took one of the tabards and put it on one of the guys shoulder pad to make him stand out a bit. Then I used a very fine-tipped pen to write on it to make a super purity seal.

Lastly the humble tac marines. Not much to say about these guys. Pretty standard fare.

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  1. Looking good! Brings back old memories whenever I see CF!