Friday, June 3, 2011

Vote for Pedro!

This is just an update on my Crimson Fists squad. I put a lot of work into them this weekend and they are almost done. Pretty much all I have left are the backpacks, and I should be able to knock them out (barring Pedro's bakcpack which has quite a bit of detail) pretty quickly. The sad news is I am going on holiday for a week starting tomorrow, and I don't think the wife will be too keen with me packing up the paints as we head down to South Padre for a week. So they will have to wait until I get back.

With that said, here are the WiP shots.


  1. Real nice mate.
    Highlighting looks great.

  2. Thanks. I was worried the highlights were a bit too hard.

  3. They are looking very nice, good sharp highlights are really picking out the armour plates and details.