Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm a Weener!

The gentle-person over at Gone To Ground had a contest and guess who won?! Me! Upon reflection, I feel kinda bad I didn't advertise the contest here, but a) I didn't want anyone else to enter the contest, b) I'm increadibly lazy, and c) G2G pops up on my "My Blogs List" on the right hand side. Anywho...

I will shortly be the proud owner of Skeld, the Lone Wolf. I haven't really used Lone Wolves much, but I certainly am putting plans in the works now.

The thing I'm really worried about now, is if this guy will make the rest of my Space Pup army look like crap.

I want to thank Dave over at Gone to Ground for running this contest, and I hope that anyone that reads this, heads over to his blog to check it out. Good stuff there.


  1. Nice, you lucky person!
    I wants to win XD

  2. I just connected the fact that this is your blog! Let me know when you have a good battle report with Skeld and I will link to you. Remember, the key to Lonewolves is that you EARN a KP if they die in a KP mission, so throw him into as many things as possible and let his chainfist do the talkin'!

  3. Oh Skeld will be going up the guts! I'm considering running him with a couple of dogs, but not sure.