Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought: WiP 1

I've said it once, and I'm sure that I will say it again, but I loves me some Dreadnoughts!

I currently own four Space Wolf dreadnoughts, and I am currently putting together three Grey Knight dreads.

The Space Wolf dreads were mostly done, but then I decided to go back and repaint my Space Wolf army because my skillz (yes, that is skillz with a 'z') had improved so much (if you think my current paint sucks, you should have seen them before). In fact, you can go back and see where all four of them were.

Anywho, I have already started, and finished my Forge World dread, and now I'm starting in on my old school Venerable Dread. This is the old ven dread that was all metal. When this guy came out, I was just putting my SW army together, and the GW web site had a really cool article on how to "wolfify" the new metal ven dread. It essentially consisted of taking one of the torso from the old Grey Hunter/Blood Claws box that had the wolf pelt on the back, and cutting it off and creating a tabbard. Then cutting off the tassels and putting wolf tails on. This was pretty spiffy to me, so I went out and snatched one up.

So there is where this guy was. He was really flat looking, and the gold was pretty poorly done. Now what I have already completed in this photo was to magnetize the arms (you can see the terrible job I did lining up the magnets on the Assault Cannon army) and I've cut off the metal hand that comes with the dread and slapped on a Blood Talon from the Blood Angels Furioso dread. I don't think I think it looks a bit more Space Wolf-ie.

Another front shot from a slightly lower angle.

Close up of the Blood Talon. See where I forgot to file off the blood drops? Oops, I didn't notice them until I had already painted them. Oh well, no one will notice. One other thing on this left arm is where I trimmed down the "reliquary" and replaced it with a Space Wolf icon. I think it is pretty nifty.

On this right arm, there was a tabbard, I green stuffed a wolf pelt.

So here is the first pic of the "restoration." The edge highlighting was done with Space Wolf Grey, and then I washed all of the blue areas with Asurmen Blue. I went over all of the metal areas with Scorched Brown in preparation for the application of gold.

Here is the left arm again. The ring around the outside of the claw will be Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black and while the outside of the Space Wolf icon will be gold, the skull itself will be bone colored.

The claws themselves were based in Mordian Blue, the pained Hawk Turquoise. In the next step I will dry brush white on to the claws to get the power effect that runs throughout my whole army.

Not too much to say about the right side, except to point out that the pain was still wet when I took the picture, so it looks a bit shiny.

Until next time.

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