Friday, November 25, 2011

A Tale of Four Dreadnoughts

So here we go again. I'm back to the Space Wolves, and this time I am doing one of my favorite types of minis in the 40k universe. Dreadnoughts!

I know I can't field all of these guys in a list (looks like I need to play some Apocalypse games!), but I love the look of these guys. 

First up is my first dread. The original Bjorn The Fell-handed! I love this guy. He is such a brick of a model and you could really do some damage if you drop him in a sock and beat the crap out of someone! I love the way they did the close combat fist on this guy. It looks so much cooler than the regular fist.

I bought my old metal venerable dread after they did a wolf conversion of one on the Games Workshop site. Unfortunately, I guess because they don't sell these guys any more, they don't have that article up anymore. You can see I have added a wolf pelt tabard and some wolf tails. Also, on the assault cannon arm, there was a scroll, but I have green stuffed another wolf pelt. 

You may have noticed from the picture that I have cut off his fist and shortly I will be adding a more wolf-like fist.

A while back I went in half-ies with a buddy on a Black Reach boxed set and one of the best parts of that set is the dread. I got this guy back before the current Space Wolf codex came out. I was thinking/hoping that Ironclad dreads would be available to the Wolves, but alas they were not.

This guy was supposed to be a Space Wolf Ironclad, and to show the extra bulk, or extra armor, I used the treads from a Leman Russ (or a Rhino) to bulk it up a bit. 

One other thing I wanted to do was to make him look more like a Forge World dread and put his storm bolter on the torso instead of under the arm. On the opposite side, I was going to add a flamer (because it was going to be an Ironclad) but then I changed it to be a sensor suite. For that I used part of a Hunter Killer missile.

Last but certainly not least, I have my Forge World dread. This guy had the forge world plasma cannon, and the left arm from the Black Reach dread, but I cut the fist off, and used the forge world claw. 

So with the fact that I have a lot more arms than I have dreads, I wanted to be able to swap the arms out depending on what I wanted to do with the models. I tried it one way, but it didn't work out very well. So I spent most of Sunday taking a Dremel to my dreads and their arms. The problem was to get the diameter of the hole wide enough, it was pretty deep. I fixed that by filling the hole with green stuff, and then toss some super glue into the mix and then stick in a magnet.

The last shot is is of two different claws. On the left, we have Bjorn's claw. On the right we have the Forge World claws.


  1. That's a pretty mighty collection of dreads there. I wouldn't like to be facing that across the table.

  2. Actually you can field four Dreadnoughts in a list, Bjorn for the HQ (not a great hq)and three dreads in the Elites slots. But you loose WG and WS's, still it would be an interesting list.