Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yo Ho Ho!

This was going to be two posts, but I just wasn't sure I could subject you to even more posts of Dwarf Pirates (my wife has informed me that not everyone is as into Dwarf Pirates as I am).

So this is the next set of pirates that I completed. I was really trying to be conscientiousness about making sure no one has the same pants/scarf color combination. I'm not 100% sure that I accomplished that, but with the fact that there are only four different sculpts, I wanted to do my best to give everyone some character.

This is the second batch. I wanted the last batch of guys to just be the full command, so I had to paint five dudes at once. It wasn't that big of a deal, but I should have painted four in the first batch, so it would have been more even. Oh well, live and learn.

About this time I started thinking about bases for these guys. Now my Dwarf army has the above bases courtesy of Foundations of War. I think they look really good for a Dwarf army. The stone really looks nifty, but I didn't think it would look as good for my pirates.

I found these from Back 2 Base-IX, and I thought they'd be perfect for Dwarf Pirates. They won't be cohesive with the rest of the army, but they will make the pirates stand out even more, which is a plus in my opinion!


  1. I'd been thinking about getting hold of some dwarf pirates after the latest white dwarf figure. I really like your painting. Had you thought of any backstory about how the pirates would fit in with the rest of the army?

  2. Well my Dwarfs are supposed to be from Barak Varr, so It wouldn't be too difficult to work them I think.

    to be honest, I really hadn't thought of it because I was so excited to just get these guys!

  3. Your wife is wrong - anyone who doesn't like Dwarves of any form is either a woman, an elf, or a girly elf.

    Also, if her opinion mattered on this matter mate, she'd be you :)