Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Review: Iron Hands

So a few weeks back I just happened to be tooling around online and just happened to go to the Black Library site to check out the upcoming releases. Imagine my surprise when I see that Black Library is offering free shipping! This is a big deal to me because there were a number of Print on Demand books that I was looking at, but it just costs so much to have them shipped overseas.

So I snatched up the debt card and ordered me some books. The first one I sat down to read was Iron Hands by Jonathan Green.

In Iron Hands we see the beginning of Abbadon's 13th Black Crusade. The Iron Hands chapter home world of Medusa sits right in the path of the despoilers campaign so the space marines are preparing for war. Iron-Father Gdolkin's plans for glory are derailed when the Mechanicus calls in an old debt with the iron hands and Gdolkin is sent to repay the debt.
One reason I was looking forward to this book was the fact that the Iron Hands are probably the least published of the loyalist legions/chapters. I really like the idea of the Iron-Father since I read about them in the Index Astartes books. 

This book is one of the older Black Library books, and it kind of feels its age. The plot is a bit thin, and the antagonist is a bit one dimensional, but what Mr. Green did well was the action. I enjoyed all the combat in this book. There was one scene in the middle of the book that does a very good job of describing a lightning assault by assault marines that left me thinking, "badass" over and over again.

While there were some holes in the plot, this was a very enjoyable read. I give Iron Hands three mechanicus bionics out of five.

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