Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pieces of Eight!

Well here we are. Finally done with my Dwarf Pirates (sort of). I figured when would be a better time to post these guys than the day before Thanksgiving (at least for those of us in the U.S. at least) because I am very thankful that I found these guys in a used mini bin at the FLGS.

First up the full command.

Next up, the pirate captain. This guy has it all. A hook, two pistols, a peg leg and a parrot!

I really like the detail in the parrot and feather on his hat.

The muscisian is up next. I put a bit too much wash in the drum, and it pooled at the bottom of the drum (I should have layed him on his back to dry) but I figure it is water damage from being on a Dwarf pirate ship.

A close-up of the side of the drum.

Lastly, the standard bearer. While this guy is done, the standard is not. I want to jewel the red stone at the top, and there are a couple of more jewels on these guys and the rest of the crew that I want to hit, but that will probably have to wait until the bases come in.

Happy Turkey day!

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