Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am head over heels in love with the Dwarf Pirates I picked up. I sat down recently to put some paint on them, and here are some WiP shots.

Here are the three I have started so far. I still have some touch ups on the silver and gold, plus I need to paint up the bottle.

One of the things I wanted was to make each pirate distinct, and with only three sculpts that is going to be a bit difficult. So this guy has green pants and a red do-rag with white dots.

This guys gets blue pants and a straight red bandanna.

I don't know if it really comes through, but this guy's bananna was painted Astronomicon Grey and then washed blue. I'm not sure if it looks any different than just painting it blue, but I still think it looks good.

Just a couple more bits on these three, then only twelve more to go!

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