Monday, January 16, 2012

A (Dwarf) Pirate's Life For Me

So it's been quite a while since I bought these Dwarf Pirates for a steal from the FLGS. I really enjoyed painting them, and while it took me a while, they were a lot of fun and I think they look great.

Here is the first rank, with full command. You've got the pirate captain himself, and banner bearer, a drummer and two dudes. I think the drum, and the drummer came out really well.

The second rank. The only thing that is kinda bad about these guys is there are are so few poses. I have five of the guys holding the bottles, and if I'm not careful with how I place them, they could all end up in the same rank, and that would be bad.

First group shot.

And the second group shot. The bases from Back 2 Base-ix took a long time to get here, and they cost me a pretty penny, but I think they really set off the whole unit. Now if I tried to take these guys to a tournament (probably as regular slayers) I might get dinged for painting because the bases don't match the rest of the army, but I think it would be silly to have different bases on these guys. They look too cool.


  1. Always loved these mini's, good paint job. Especially love the bases=]

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