Monday, January 23, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Lord with Jump Pack: WiP 1

So a while back I happened upon this blog called Dark Future Games (you should go check it out) and I noticed that one of the guys there was selling some minis. There wasn't really much I was interested in except for one thing. The Chaos Space Marine Lord with jump pack. 

Now I will be the first to admit that I am a sucker for all things Power Armor, and after reading the Badab War books from Forge World, and reading Blood Reaver and The Gildar Rift, I have hand the thought of doing a Red Corsair army in the back of my head. When I saw that CSM jump pack lord, I had to have him.

This guy came with the jump pack pinned to the rest of the mini. I ripped that off so I could pain the mini without having a hard time on some of the spots that are hard to reach (and so that, as usual, I can put a lot of work into parts of the model that will never be seen).

So above is a pic of the mini primed.

Here we see the beginnings of the mini coming together. I started out with Mechrite Red, and followed it up with Red Gore. Then I put a line of Badab Black wash around all of the edges (and there are alot!). After that I washed all of the red with Baal Red.

This guy is quite a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to doing more work on him.


  1. Its good to see he has a good home. He was meant to be a night lord...but khorne will happily take him. :)

    If you want to fall in love with power armor I highly suggest the night lords series by Aarron Dembski Bowden. The third is coming out in March I which should complete it. They are what got me sucked into the whole heresy series and the reason I picked up that model.

  2. already did..along with just about every other one. That's what I get for just assuming no one has read anything that isn't from the heresy series.