Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Santa was Good to Me!

I have got to say, that Santa was good to me this year. The first thing (which really wasn't a Christmas gift) was to hit Battlefoam up for their yearly Black Friday sale. As always, they didn't disappoint.

Lately I have been going over to a buddy's house and we've been hanging out and paint. He has two kids, so it is usually me packing all my stuff up and going over to his place, and it can be quite a pain. So what I did was to buy the PACK 216 with the paint load out.

This comes with three inches of foam.

One inch is for all of your tools, and glue and everything you could possibly need to hobby.

The next two inches are built for GW paint pots. What I am planning to do is pull out one of the paint pot inches and replace it with an inch of minis. 

This PACK has all sorts of nifty things, on the top of the lid, there is space for more brushes than you can shake a stick at.

Oh yeah, and did I mention...

My wife bought me a 21 inch Dell monitor to go along with the 17 inch laptop she bought me for my birthday. It's good to be me sometimes!

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