Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Basically: Dwarf Pirates

Ever had deja vu?

So a while back, I purchased some bases from Back 2 Base-ix. I am planning to put my Dwarf Pirates on these bases. As with my Grey Knight bases from last time, the slow down has, well, slowed me down and I haven't really done as much as I wanted. I did however, finally get my bases done for the Pirates. 

So these were really easy to do. I started with a black primer, then put down Calthan Brown, and washed with Delvin Mud. I think they came out real, "woody."

The next (and hopefully final) step it to rip the Dwarf Pirates off of their existing bases and pop them down on these bad boys. I am probably going to pin them to these bases because the pirates are all metal, and I don't want them just popping off the bases.

Anywho, I hope to have final pics of the Dwarf pirates soon.

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