Friday, December 16, 2011


So with my new Grey Knights army, I have decided I have such a low model count, I was going to splurge and buy resin bases for the whole army. I wasn't sure what I wanted until I heard about Fantascape on the Screaming Heretic Podcast.

What I decided to go with was the Gothic Ruins. Now one of the reasons I really like these bases is because the prices on the website include tax and shipping, so even though I am buying from overseas, I don't have to worry about outrageous shipping prices.

So without any further adieu,

These are going to be the bases for my three Dreadnoughts. I think these will just work very well with my Grey Knights.

The details on these bases are just crazy! I can't wait to see how cool these look with just some grey paint and a wash. I think I'll throw some static grass growing in some of the cracks, and I think these will be very eye-popping.

Now a few weeks ago, I bought and painted up some Dwarf Pirates (here, here and finally, here). With minis that cool, I just had to get some bases to help show them off. I searched high and low for something to look like these guys were on their dwarf pirate ship. I finally settled on these bases from Back2Base-ix. Now while these base are awesome, the shipping cost more than these 20 bases! I don't blame the manufacturer for this, but this would probably keep me from buying these bases for an entire army.

So I plan on slapping prime on these guys this weekend and trying to paint them up in the following week (seeing as I am off next week).

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