Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Space Wolf Forge World Dread: Done!

I've been slowing down on my hobby lately. I went from having a month of posts ready to go to nothing. I am currently writing this on the 19th and it will be posted on the 20th, and I got nothing for the 22nd. 

Anywho, I finally finished the tiny little bits on my Space Wolves Forge World dreadnought. I really haven't seen too many of these painted on the internet, but I think it looks pretty awesome. 

Just a pretty close pic of the front of the dread.

A more head on version of the dread.

The right arm. I like the jeweling on the lens, but my burn marks on the melta are a bit to regular. I'm not really pleased with it.

I like the mechanicus icon on the back on this guy. It just tosses a bit of red on to a very "cold" back of the mini.

Here is a close up of the banner. I eventually plan on putting a decal in the center of the banner, but that'll have to come later.

Another thing I'd like to point out is the jewels on the banner. I went green with them because I have so much red elsewhere on the mini. I think it turned out well.

Lastly, a full pic with the banner. I don't remember if I explained this or not, but the banner is removable for ease of transport.

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  1. Lookin' good man. Reminds me a bit of the way models used to eb painted a few editions ago because of the three primary colors. It looks really, really cool. ;)