Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Space Wolf Forge World Dread: Part II

So a couple of  weeks ago I posted my four Space Wolves dreadnoughts and a week or so ago I posted an update on my Forge World Space Wolves dreadnought. This week I have another update on that same dreadnought.

So since last time, I have painted a lot of the details. In fact, I would say that the body of the dread is done. The only thing I really want to finish up on the body itself is the lense on the multimelta arm.

Side view shot. Not really much to say.

Pic of the full dread with banner. The banner is almost done. I still have to paint a couple of the runic bits, and of course the banner topper.

Close up of the banner itself. I plan on picking out the runes along each side in silver, and then finish up the banner topper.

I hope to finish this guy up this weekend and have him posted early next week.

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