Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Bit of This...

One of the things I love about Reaper minis is that they are cheap. In price that is. The wife and I went into the FLGS the other day and we were just looking around and happened upon the Reaper mini shelf. Wow what a selection. From the Pathfinder minis, to Dark Haven range, there is something for everyone! 

Not that we needed anything, but my wife and I walked out with four minis.

My wife picked out this (I am assuming mage) miniature, although, all she can say is, "how doses someone go adventuring with so little on? As per my usual MO, Lots of washes here.

The next one I bought for me, was this Dwarf rogue. I love dwarfs, and this guy was just cool looking. He, unlike the girl above, is not 100 percent completed. I haven't weathered the metal on his bracers or knee pads, and I need to paint his hair. I am thinking of doing the hair a red, so that there is some pop to this otherwise "brown" character.

My wife also picked out this female ranger/archer. i wanted to make the cloak a very dark green, almost black so I started out with a Orkhide Shade, and then washed it with Badab Black, then I drybrushed another layer of Orkhide, and applied Thraka Green.

This, as you can imagine is taking quite a while, as I am putting a lot of wash on, and it is taking forever to dry. The plan to continue is to apply Snot Green with a Thraka wash, then Goblin Green and a Thraka wash, and finally Scorpion Green, and maybe a wash, and maybe not. We'll see what it looks like. I'm afraid that the Scorpion Green will be too bright for what I'm going for, and I may have to tone it down with the wash.

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