Friday, July 22, 2011

All I Need Now is an Apocalypse Game!

Well, they are finally finished. I can now field 7 squads of Long Fangs. I have three full squads of 5 missles, a squad of 5 lascannons, a squad of 5 plasma, a squad of 5 heavy bolters, and a squad of four multi-meltas (still looking for a good deal for the last one on eBay).

Here are the Pack Leaders. I am using the skull helmet from the Wolf Pack sprue to count as the signum (even though the signum doesn't do anything anymore). I figure if I do get in an Apoc game and use more than three, I'll just pop in some Blood Claws as pack leaders. I don't see the point of painting up four more pack leaders that I will rarely use. 

Behold my d-baggery! My 15 missile launchers. I have never used more than 10 in a game, but I may throw 15 in a friendly game just to see how they go.

And the other four squads. You can totally notice Brother Notappearinginthissquad in the multi-melta squad.
Well I was planning on working my my Swift/Sky claws in the next week, but they Sky Claws will have to be put on hold until i can locate some parts on eBay (the auction gods were not kind to me last night) and the swift claws are going to have to wait until I get some plasticard. 

I think instead I may paint up my servitors and/or my last scout.

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  1. Lol, I used the same pack for my Pack Leaders for pretty much the same reasons. I'm so caught up in painting my Crimson Fists stuff right now, but you make me want to dust off the armored fist side of my Wolves.