Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review: Knight Errant

I finished Knight Errant a few nights ago (no pun intended). This is part of the Knights of Bretonnia anthology by Anthony Reynolds.

The first story in the book is centers on Calard, a young noble of Bastonne and his half-brother Bertelis. Their father, the duke is in failing health and these two are sent out for their first taste of battle. But after they engage in the battle they were expecting, they are thrust into the battle of their lives (at least until the next book begins, I'm sure).

One of the things I really liked about these characters is how Calard's step-mother despises him, and she seems to have turned Calard's father against him, but the two brothers are inseparable and save each others lives countless times. It was something I really thought was nice. Too many times, we've seen one brother who is trying to depose of the other.

The story is well done, with battles that are very well done and there was two twists at the end. One that I figured out pretty early in the story, and one that took me completely off-guard and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I give this book four lances of chivalric knights out of five.

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