Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wolves

The Fenrisian Wolves are coming along. I have finished a test mini, and I am pretty pleased with it.

As with the scouts, batch-painting 20 wolves is kinda mind-numbing. There isn't a lot to them, but each step takes quite a long while. I start with a pretty basic base. Just GW sand and PVA glue. One thing I did differently this time is to go over the sand with a second layer of really thing PVA, and that has done a really good job of keeping the sand down while I dry-brush the rest of the base.

I lay down a base-coat of GW Shadow Grey. On top of that I do a thick dry brush of Space Wolves Grey and then a pretty light dry brush of Skull White. I know that most people do the bases last, but I am pretty messy with it when I paint the bases, so I like to finish it first, and then I don't have to worry about messing up the model.

On to the minis themselves. They all get a thick coat of Bleached Bone on the lower half of the model. Then a stripe of Khemri Brown foundation paint. Then I dry brush Codex Grey on the parts that are going to be black to add some highlights.

Next up is the washing stage. I was the Bleached Bone and Khemri Brown with Devlan Mud. Once that is dry, I was the black with Badab Black to darken up the Codex Grey, and to fix any dry brushing that was too heavy. I also extend the Badab Black down into the Khemri Brown to try to blend the two layers together.

That is pretty much it. I go over the wolf's claws with Chaos Black. The teeth with Skull White. The Tongue starts with Mechrite Red, follwed by Blood Red. I then usually do a highlight in Bleached Bone and then washy with Leviathan Purple. A small dab of Blood Red on the eyes and I'm done.

I hope to have finished Wolves for Friday.


  1. Excellent scheme, they look like a very dangerous pack of wolves!


  2. They look really good, and I love your colour-scheme for them, very evocative. Nice to see someone else making nice wolves out of these, they fit so much better than the goblin wolves in my opinion.

  3. Dave: Thanks for the comment, I take it as a huge complent coming from you. I couldn't have done it without your green stuff class at War Games CON?

    Andy: I agree about the goblin wolves, if for no other reason than these ones have a much better set of poses. I am so glad I didn't go the easy route and go for the goblin wolves. It was a lot more work, but I very pleased with them.