Monday, July 11, 2011


So I am out of town for training Sunday night through Thursday night. That means very little hobby will be done.

I am setting up a couple of posts so that I will have something posted, but it will not be "current".

First thing first. I finally received my Dwarf Berserkers from Avatars of War. They were only 6 weeks late in shipping them.

When you look at the sprues, this looks like GW plastic. If it didn't have "Avatars of War" on it, I bet you could fool someone into believeing that this was a GW sprue (except for the fact that these Dwarfs have knees. Seriously, find me a GW Dwarf that has knees!). What you get in the box is five sprues like the one pictured below. Each one has four sets of legs and four torsos. Four sets of left and right arms. Three axes held in a left hand, and three held in a right hand along with a really big ax that can be a great weapon. You get four heads (with beards attached). Four different mowhawks and a topknot. There is also a pony tail, an Orc head, a mug, 6 tiny ancestor icons, 2 tiny body piercings, 1 baby dragon skull and a tiny chain you can use to go from ear to nose. One of the bits that made me laugh was the raised middle finger on each sprue.

Along with those five sprues I got the upgrade sprue for pre-ordering. This comes with an instrument, a banner pole, a book, a giant head, two dragon-head statutes, a champions ax and dragon cloak.

On top of all that you even get a movement tray for the unit.

All of that for 23 (about $33). I think this is a bargain. Now if only the Berserkers seems worth taking in certain Fantasy Battle games.

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