Monday, May 23, 2011

Men in Blue

So I'm continuing my "chapter of the month project" with the Crimson Fists. I actually painted up my test model a looooooooooooooooon time ago. The rest have waiting while I went through my "blah" phase. 

Well its over and as you may have noticed with my Iron Hands and Flesh Tearers, I have been kinda busy (for me at least). With that in mind, and keeping in mind a special announcement I want to make in the coming weeks, I have decided to paint Pedro the same time I paint the regular dudes. With that done, here is the 50% point of my Crimson Fists.


  1. Crimson Fists are a great army and great colour scheme.
    And Pedro has some great stats for in game.
    Nice work.

  2. Vote for Pedro. So need to work on my CF. Pedro and a 2nd Tac squad are just waiting to be painted