Friday, May 6, 2011

Disappointment: Hammer and Bolter - Issue 2 Review

So hot off of finish the first issue of Hammer and Bolter, I wanted to download another ebook and I figured I'd get the second issue of H&B.

Wow was I under-whelmed. The first issue weighed in at a hefty 219 pages, this issue, 85. That is almost a 62% reduction.

Up first is a Time of Legends, elf story by Gav Thorpe. Not a bad story, I am having a bit of trouble getting through Shadow King at the moment. I really liked Malekith, but I am having trouble getting through and elf story without him in it.

Next up is a Steve Parker, Deathwatch story. Which is the same story that is in, Victories of the Space Marines. I guess this isn't terrible if you had downloaded H&B when it first came out as you would have had this story five months before Victories of the Space Marines was published. What I am interested is knowing is whether all of the short stories in VotSM will appear in H&B. Getting the stories early would make H&B much more with while.

Up next is an interview wit James Swallow. He tells us what he is currently working on and what he has coming up next. They ask him the exact same questions they asked Nick Kyme in the last episode. Not bad.

Next up is the third chapter of Phalanx by Ben Counter. I haven't started reading these yet, we'll see.

Lastly, there is a WHFB story by Richard Ford.

So for $4, you get three short stories (one of which is published elsewhere), another installment of the Soul Drinkers serial, and an interview. I guess that isn't terrible, but I do still feel a bit jipped after the first issue.

I give this two previously short stories out of five. It would probably been a 3 out of 5 if it had been all new stories to me.

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