Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review: Blood of the Dragon

This is the final book in the Brunner The Bounty Hunter omnibus. This book is a bit different from the other Brunner stories but all-in-all it is very well written.

This time Brunner is in Britonnia searching for a brigand worth 2000 crowns (less 500 if he is brought back dead). The brigand has fled into the cursed city of Moussillion so Brunner seeks out some backup.

Backup comes in the form of a dwarf. As per usual. The dwarf is inserted into the story as comic relief. Every times Brunner wants him to do something dangerous, the dwarf says he will be charging Brunner extra.

This book is very well paced but the ending confused me a bit. There seemed to be a climax in sight midway through the book. You could see it was possible that Brunner could get revenge on a very old wrong, and he partially does, but as in the other C. L. Werner omnibus I read (Witch Hunter) it seems to end unfinished. Perhaps Mr. Werner is planning on coming back and revisiting Brunner, but I believe the last book was written quite a while back.

That being said, one of the best parts of the book was Brunner himself. He seemed as if he was getting soft in the middle of the book, but at the end, he shows his true colors and reconfirms that he truly is a bastard.

I give this three severed brigand heads out of five.

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