Monday, May 16, 2011

Get ‘em While They’re Hot.

So there has been quite a hubbub about retailers not being able to stock metal miniatures. This has got a lot of people thinking that GW is getting rid of all of their metal miniatures. People site the rising cost of tin as a factor. Tin is a major component (from what understand) of the “white-metal” that GW currently uses to make their metal miniatures.

This really seems odd to me. It has got to cost them a bit of money to make the models for all of those beautiful Dark Eldar miniatures, and now they are on the list of unavailable miniatures. There are also those new Grey Knights HQs (and even a monkey) made of metal. So that makes me wonder if this is real or not.

Then Friday morning, I get my newsletter from Mini War Gaming (you should check them out) and they offer a different scenario. They suggest that maybe GW is going to repackage their blisters (they are kinda flimsy when compared to the competition) and they are trying to clear out stocks of the old blisters before they start sending out the new ones.

This sounds much more reasonable to me. Which probably means that it is unacceptable from GW’s point of view.

With that in mind, I have started buying some of the metal minis that I think are cool. The first ones that I have picked up are the Black Templar’s Emperor’s Champion and Chaplain Grimaldus with his posse of servitors.

On Friday I placed an order for Logan Grimnar.

After that I think I am going to get some of the Metal Inquisitors and Commisars. We’ll see. I’ll kick myself in the butt if they do away with those forever and I didn’t buy them. Ebay for OOP minis can be crazy.


  1. Ironic day to post this. GW just announced why they were pulling metal blisters. Now they're going with a "Finecast" line of partial resin for their formerly metal models.

  2. Yeah. I wrote this before the weekend.

    Don't forget they have jacked up the price as well. Canis Wolfborn is now $8 more expensive now!