Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Audio Book Review: Slayer of the Storm God

Here is the next of the Black Library audio books that I have taken a listen to. This is Gotrek and Felix story. One thing I found out is that Gotrek is not pronounced "Go-Trek" it is pronounced "Got-rek". Just a funny little thing.

Well this story takes place after one of the books I haven't read yet (the last one being Manslayer) and Gotrek and Felix are in Marienburg with Max Schrieber and someone I haven't heard of before. They are waiting for a boat to take them down the Riek river to Altdorf when (I know you will find this hard to believe) but adventure finds them! This time Gotrek has thrown himself up against a full fledged god! OK, well the avatar of a god, but pretty scary none-the-less.

The is a very nice short story and goes very well with the way that Nathan Long has been writing the Dynamic Duo, but I have got to say that the way the reader, Danny Webb does his job is what makes this story worth while. There were times, when he was reading some of the action scenes, where I was holding my breath (no, really, I was!).

So all-in-all a very good story to sit and paint to. I give this story four severed sea-god tentacles, out of five. OK, sea-god-avatars' tentacles.

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