Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Review: Victories of the Space Marines.

This is the third installment of the Space Marines short story anthologies. It continuations of some of the other stories, and some new ones as well.

The book starts out with Runes, a Space Wolf story by Chris Wraight. This wasn't a bad story. A little confusing to begin with, but it pulls it out in the end. Not sure I liked the animosity between the members of the squad though.

Next up is The Rewards for Tollerance, a continuation of Renegades from Heroes of the Space Marines by Gav Thorpe. I really didn't like the original story, but this one was a bit better. Putting aside how the Renegades becomes what they are, this story was enjoyable if for no other reason than the last couple of pages.

Third in line is Black Dawn a story about the Warbringers chapter. If you want to see how bad ass Space Marines are, and how a small group of them can take down an entire planet, then this is the book for you.

The Long Games at Carcharias is one of the best stories in this anthology. This story is about the Crimson Consuls and it is terrible and awesome to read. I really won't go too much more into it because it will give too much a way. Awesome story!

I have been hoping that Black Library would put some of their audio short stories in a book and they have done that with Heart of Rage. If you want to check out my review of the audio book, check here.

Next up is But Dust in the Wind. An Imperial Fists story. This story didn't really seem to go with the book title. But Necrons fighting anyone, even the Emperor's Finest usually doesn't go well. Not bad at all.

Exhumed by Steve Parker is a Deathwatch story that continues from Headhunted in Heroes of the Space Marines. If you want to see how bad ass Space Marines are when they go up against Godzilla, check this story out!

Primary instinct was another gem of this anthology. The Silver Skulls chapter get to see first hand how the Kroots' particular form of evolution handles eating a bunch of Eldar. Good times! Good read.

Lastly, Sacrifice by Ben Counter is a Grey Knights story. This one ties The Long Games at Carcharias for best story in the book. The "cut scenes" during the fight are really what make the story. At first I didn't realy like them, but by the end of the story I was sold. Wow!

All in all, not a bad collection. I liked most of the stories and didn't really hate any of them. I liked that some of them were continuations and I hope if they keep doing the Space Marine anthologies, that they keep that up.

I give this book four never-before-heard-of Space Marine chapters out of five.

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