Monday, April 18, 2011

Audio Book Review: Hellion Rain

Time for a pure Raven Guard story! I liked The Hunt for Voldorius but it was mainly a White Scars book. This may be the first purely Raven Guard story. Its just a shame it is only a short story.

In this story the Raven Guard are on a planet fighting Tyranids. The people of the world, in a desperate attempt to destroy the massive Tyranid Bioship in orbit, destroy Helion, of the moons of their world. The remnants of the satellite now fall upon the planet creating the name for the story.

This story is broken up into two parts. One part from the point of view of the scout squad and another from the point of view of the company Captain. Both stories are written well and both of the two main characters, the Captain and the scout Sergent are given pretty good time in the lime light.
 As with most of the audio books, I would have liked to have seen more. It seemed like it was over too soon. The ending was pretty predictable but that is not always a bad thing as for me, it is how you get there, and not the final destination, and I think George Mann, the author does a good job of getting us there in an interesting way and made the Raven Guard a unique chapter in my mind.

I give this story four raven skulls on a string out of five (this does not take into account the price vs. content).


  1. You don't half get through a lot of books. I never find the time to read with painting, blogging and gaming taking up the time outside of work!

  2. I usually read for an hour or so before I got to sleep each night. It helps me unwind.