Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wait 'Til Your (Iron) Father Gets Home

I promise, this is the last bad, heavy (Iron) handed pun I will make. OK, that one was.

One of the things I thought was really cool about the Iron Hands entry in the Index Astartes was that they had an odd mix of a Tech Marine and a Chaplin called an Iron Father. Last May my wife bought me the Techmarine Boxed set. This Techmarine was another model, like the Chaplains that I really wanted to paint up, but it didn't really look wolfie enough to go with my Space Wolves army, so this dude stat on a shelf gathering dust.

Then, last summer I came up with the idea to paint up a bunch of different chapters and the Iron Hands sprang to mind and the Techmarine fit the bill to become an Iron Father. So that led me to this guy.

Up next for my project, either a combat squad of Flesh Tearers with Gabriel Seth, or a full squad of Crimson Fists with Pedro Kantor.

Decisions decisions...

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