Friday, April 8, 2011

A Helping (Iron) Hand

So I finished up my Iron Hands squad. I realized that I was a dummy 9 months ago when I started putting this unit together. I should have given the squad a Multi-Melta or Plasma Gun and not a missile Launcher. I still need a few more for my Long Fangs and the eBay prices are crazy!

First up the the Sergeant. The kit from GW comes with a dude toting a Thunder Hammer, so my sergeant is carrying one. I'm not really that worried that Vanilla Marines can't give a Sergeant a Hammer. I'm not a tournament player and in the friendly pick-up games I usually play I can probably get buy calling it a power weapon, or hell, even a power fist. According to the fluff, the Iron Hands are like the Mecanicum in that they longer they are a member, the more of their "weak" flesh is replaced with augmetics. So this dude has two augmetic legs, and a re-breather.

Next up are just some dudes. I tried to spread out the augmetics amongst the squad. I stole a bunch of Rhino driver heads that have the vox caster set-up. I painted them up silver, to try to represent the fact that they are augmetic even under the helmet.

I'm not sure how much the Iron Hands would use purity seals, but each and every one of mine has at least two. The guys on the left, didn't have any built into them, so I had a couple of backpacks that I got from a buddy that had a big blank spot in the middle, so I decided to stick some purity seals on them. I think they did well. The picture on the right has some stuff I really like in the squad. First is the half man, half machine head that I want to say comes from the Devastator squad, but I'm not sure. The other thing that I really like is the Auspex. I really like how I did the screen in greens, and the little white lines and blips that I put on it.

So there you have it. My Iron Hands Squad. I really enjoyed painting them. There was a lot of little bits to paint even if a majority of the dudes were black, so it was still a bit of a challenge.


  1. I feel your pain re: the missile launcher. I ended up picking up a Tac Squad to get the last one I needed. Figure I'll use them to build out my 2nd Tac squad for my Crimson Fists

  2. What was your colour scheme for the purity seals?

  3. Astronomican Grey for a base-coat. Bleached Bone main color, and then Gryphonne Sephia wash.

  4. For the wax, it was Mechrite Red, followed by Gore Red, then a highlight of Blood Red and then a wash of Baal Red.