Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeing Red

Well after my Iron Hands and Iron Father, I decided to do go for the Flesh Tearers. Partly because they are red, and I haven't had much experience painting red, and partly because this will be a 5-man assault squad with Gabriel Seth leading them so about half as many models to finish the project.. I think Seth is one of the most dynamic poses for a Space Marine GW has produced in quite a long while. Plus the dude has an 8-foot chain sword!

So I built this squad using some bits from the Blood Angles Death Company boxed set I bought off of eBay, and random bits I had laying about. I think they look pretty good, but I did notice that one of the heads has a big "X" on it. I think I will just ignore it and not highlight it.

So here we go. I started by painting Mechrite Red over the primer. I then put on a coat of Red Gore, and then a coat of Blood Red. I'm not sure if I like it. The Blood Red looks very orange to me, where as the Red Gore seemed darker like the color of dried blood (oddly enough). I plan painting some highlights and washing one of the models to see how it looks after it is washed. If I don't like it, I'll probably go back to the Red Gore with a highlight. I only took one picture of the five guys so here it is.


  1. ST-
    Looks good-- I like the 'action' legs. You could trim off that "X" in about five minutes with an exacto knife, dude. Take the time, otherwise it will annoy you whenever you see it after painting. :)

    I think I finally settled into my 40k army-- I am building, basing and priming an =I= force using the new Grey Knights codex. (I am resisting the temptation to return to my Dark Angels until I actually get at least a squad done!!)


  2. The more I hear of the Grey Knights, the cooler they sound. The sound like a real swiss army... army. Sounds like you can make a list for every occasion.