Monday, September 5, 2011

Wolf Priest con Jump Pack (Will the Insanity Ever End?)

Ok, maybe. See there was a problem with I painted up my Ulrik the Slayer model. It turns out that the Space Wolves also paint their "chaplain" armor black, and not blue-grey. Guess which color I painted my Ulrik!

And to make matters worse, my limited edition, games day 2003 Wolf Priest also got a base-coat of grey-blue. So now I'm going to have to go back and repaint them. I know I don't have to repaint them, but I do want them to be black to ad a little diversity to the army.

So I don't mind repainting them, I think they'll look pretty bad-ass. What I am considering is making one of them a jump pack leader for my Sky Claws. I origonally was leaning to Ulrik's model, because he just has a "plain" backpack, and I actually put a bit of work into the other guy's to make the exhausts into skulls. But then I couldn't use Ulrik as Ulrik even though some people think that is an insane idea (just kidding). So I think I'll be pulling the skull pack off of 'ole 2003 and sticking it on Ulrik, and then sticking a jump pack on 2003.

The only issue I have with this is that 'ole 2003 doesn't look that dynamic to be used in a jump pack unit. But I don't think I'd use the model much otherwise, and it is a pretty cool mini. I think hes getting a pack.


  1. I actually have both of these and never use my Ulrik model. I ended up scratch building my JP Wolf Priest (highly recommended for Skyclaws btw) using some random bits from Empire Cav and the old metal Terminator captain banner pole. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him otherwise I'd link it. I do wonder if a jump pack will fit on the 2003 model though.

  2. Looking at that 2003 model, to make him look dynamic and fitting for a jump-pack, you could place its right foot on a tall rock, and leave the left leg dangling in the air. With a jump-pack it would then make him look like he is launching himself off of the rock, and his pose with turned head and raised crozius would make him look as if he were beckoning on the others in his pack.

    That is assuming that the jump-pack would fit on the model, otherwise I guess your only option would be to build one as @pdelair said.

  3. I shoe-horned it on. I think it looks pretty sweet.