Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Secret Project

Well, not really. See if it were really secret, would I be posting about it, much less posting pictures of it?

Anywho, quite a while back, I bought an Ork Warboss in Finecast, and it has been sitting on my desk for months. Then a couple of nights ago, I decided I wanted to paint him up. So here we go.

I of course I was a dummy, and I primed him before I took any pictures. So please excuse the craptacular photos.

So hopefully, you can see the detail on those pictures. I added a piece of sprue to the head and backpack so that I could paint them up before I attach them to the mini. With the head, the horn, will be pretty much be sitting on the left arm, so I wanted to paint them up separately so I could do it easier. With the backpack, the bosspole is very fragile, so I am going to paint it up separately so I don't break it while I'm handling the mini.

So while the mini isn't a secret, the purpose for painting this mini is a secret, which I will announce when I finish the mini.

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