Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sky Claw Plasma

As I said last time, with school going, my hobby has slowed down a lot. I have eight more Sky Claws sitting on my desk. I used my new air brush to prime and base them very easily. I then went through and did the bases and then a different day I highlighted the armor, and washed it. From there I sat down and painted up this plasma gunner. I got the body done last night and this evening I did the jump pack.

I like the way this guy came out. The burning on the end of the plasma came out very well. I think I painted up his belt buckle very well, but unfortunately no one will ever see it as it is hidden behind the plasma gun. Oh well, I just chalk it up to painting experience. Hopefully the next belt buckle will look at least as good.

As with all my special weapons dudes, these guys have wolf pelts on the right shoulders. 

This is another stolen Death Company jet pack. It had something on the very top of the pack, but I filed it off.

It also had a blood drop or a chalice at the very back of the pack, so I took a knife to it, but it looked a little "bald" so I slapped a wolf tail on. When in doubt, put some fur on it!

See yas!

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