Monday, September 19, 2011

Completed Wolf Guard Battle Leader

Or I guess he could be a Wolf Lord, but I digress. So I finished this guy up the other day (boy, hobby time has sloooooooowed down since school has started up again) and I have got to say I really like him.

I've used it a few times, but the head is from the Chaos Marauder boxed set. I also took a hobby knife to his left arm. I really dislike the stock left arm. I mean its kinda cool because it looks like hes being all stabbie, but I dislike it because there really only seems one way you can pose the arm, so that seems kinda crappy to me.

I wanted to make this guy look like he has just landed and he is stalking towards you to do bodily harm to you, and I think I got that look.

One thing I decided while I was painting this guy was that I am fed up painting yellow. So because of that, I decided to paint both shoulder pads black. I think I am going to put a white decal on the left shoulder, and a red one on the right. I figure my Wolf Guard are going to be black pad and red decal. I'll probably be going back to my other Wolf Guard and do the same.

So originally I was going to put the wolf heads on the front of the jet pack like I did with the Rune Priest, but after thinking about it, I decided to not go with it. I didn't want these guys to look too much alike. So what I did in stead was to take one of the Death Company jet packs that had the crossed stripes on the back. I decided to slap some green stuff on it and make some wolf pelts. I think this makes the jet pack look unique enough.

One of the other things I did differently with this guy is to paint the powerfist part of the lightning claws black. With the rest of my Grey Hunters that have power fists, I either painted them red, or blue but with red fingers. I went with a black fist, but I wanted a bit more red on the model, so I painted up the fingers red.

I think when I get to my Wolf Guard Terminators, I think I am going to paint the power fists, chain fists, and lightning claws with the black and red combo. I think it looks pretty bad ass.

'Till next time.

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  1. Looking very nice there, especially the green-stuff fur on the back of the jump-pack. The tail looks good too.