Friday, September 16, 2011

White Dwarf: Even When They Win They Fail

I have been wanting to get into a new army for some time now. I love my Space Wolves, but I would like to change gears. I have been toying around with the idea of a different chapter of space marines (seeing as I am a 3+ fanboy), but I can't get over the thought that I have four or so Rhinos and three Land Raiders done up for Space Wolves, and I don't want to buy more to paint them a different color.

For a long while now, I have been saying, "if GW would redo the Sisters so that they weren't all metal and static, I would totally do a Witch Hunter army." So now here we go, GW has redone the Sisters. And they suck.

I'm not really talking about the rules, as I'm not much of a player, but the models. I don't even think that GW even bothered to redo any of the metal models as FineCast. How does that happen? EVERYTHING is getting redone in FineCast, but nothing for the Sisters. I am so underwhelmed, I just don't know where to begin.

I was planning on talking a bit about the rules. I dislike how Faith works now, and I was going to talk about how I think faith should be incrimental. Maybe d6+x where x is some number that would scale with the points value of the army, but I just don't feel like going into it. I am so let down with the models, and their prices that I guess I'm just going to shelve this idea.

The thing that really gets me upset is that the rest of the White Dwarf issue was fantastic. The new models/rules for the Vampire Counts were awesome! Now, I don't think the Vamps need to much help, but it was nice to see that GW was going back to something in the past with releasing approved rules in WD, and perhaps making the magazine worth reading.

This months's WD wasn't quite as good. We get to see the Ogre's in all their bloody glory, but it is a standard army release issue. Now don't get me wrong, the Ogre models look AWESOME, its just after the mid-armybook update for the vamps, this one doesn't seem as impressive. It's still a good issue, just not an, "Oh my! Look what they did in WD this month!," like last month was.

There was something different in the WD this month, they had a WHFB character battle between a Lizardmen guy and a Nurgle champion. That was kind of new and refreshing. I hope they continue with this.

I am keeping my fingers crossed about WD, but I am sad that I will not be collecting Sister in the foreseeable future.


  1. Unfortunately SoB are in the same place that DE used to be in. They are not a heavily collected or played army and at this point I suspect much like DE, Games Workshop isn't going to do any significant work with the SoB models until they can revamp the whole range. Thus, what is basically a patch codex in White Dwarf but nothing else. One of my good friends plays SoB and I really feel for him as many of his units are no longer in the book at all from what he has told me.

  2. I was just getting into 40k when the Blood Angles WD codex came out. From what I understand, while the codex was underwhelming, at least it was "OK" and I just feel that the SoB codex isn't.

  3. Eh, my recollections about that one were
    1.) No random Death company - check
    2.) Death company rending - check
    3.) Everything else - meh

    Not that I disagree with your evaluation of the new SoB codex. I'm just not sure how much GW really cares about SoB. I feel like they would consider dropping the army if it weren't for the perpetual specter of the Squats.