Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Actual Finished Product! (Sky Claws 1 of 2)

So I have finished the first half of my Sky Claws, and I am pretty pleased with the way they came out. 

Here is a pic of the first five guys. The second half with have 8 or so.

This is actually not the most up-to-date pic of the Flamer guy. I have added some more char to the end of the flamer.

This is the first of two guys I really like. First, I put this guy on running legs, but you may be able to tell, that he is sorta leaning back. In my mind, he leaning back to suck in a great (three) lungfuls of air in which to bellow something as he charges towards the enemy.

The other reason I like this guy is the wolf pelt. Now I realized after I finished this guy, that the pelt is going to make this guy a nightmare to transport without breaking, I really like the look. I have used this WHFB Chaos pelts as back pelts on other models, but I really liked the way it flowed on the back of the jump pack. I'm sure it would totally be burned to shreds in reality, but we're talking about 40k, not reality.

The second guy I really like is this one here. Some more WHFB Chaos bits with the shield. I'm assuming it is something he brought along from his former life, or something he still uses for sparing. Some sort of good luck charm. Either way I think it makes this guy stand out a bit more, and I really like it.

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