Friday, September 23, 2011

Sky Claw Power Fist

My latest Sky Claw has been completed. This guy I knocked out in a couple of hours. As with the Plasma guy, I already had the base done (except the edging) the base coat, highlights and wash on the armor, so there really wasn't much left to do.

I like the way the bone came out on this one. Also, the red wolf on the knee came out pretty good with the highlights and wash of Baal Red.

Some side view shots. You can see a better view of the "bloody" fingers on the blood claws. I first did that my first set of Blood Claws. I have carried it over, so now my Wolf Guard also sport the blood fingers or bloody fists. I like it. The model needs a bit of red  for a splash of color. Oh, I also plan on going back and dropping a dab of Badab Black in each of the eyes of the wolf on the fist.

Here is a shot of the plastic shoulder pad I threw on a bunch of the new models. I did it so I would have to mess around with decals (most of my models need decal work). I have got to say, I think I am a bigger fan of the metal shoulder pads. They are a bit smaller, but they wolf head sticks up farther, and it is a bit crisper. I hate painting yellow, so to get a decent coverage with it, I have got to slop it on, and it was difficult picking out where I should go back over the wolf head in black.

Obligatory right side view. About the only thing interesting here is the fact that the little wolf on the top of the bolt pistol (it actually looks more like a lion than a wolf to me, but it makes no sense for it to be a lion) has been painted Bolt Gun Metal, and then washed with Asurmen Blue. I like this effect and I have used it a lot.

So this is what I get for not dry-fitting my models. The hair on this head is not conducive for slapping a jet pack on. As you may be able to see, the jet pack is only being held on by that little sliver at the bottom. I'll have to rip it off in the near future and slap some green stuff on.

And there he is shaking his money maker.


  1. You might wanna try Ianden Darksun for the yellow. Thats what I started using for my wolves for yellow pads. It blends in the whole theme nicely :)

    You can check out my wolves at

  2. Another option with yellow is to undercoat with a complimentary color that does cover fairly well, which is what I have done with mine. I use Vomit Brown as my undercoat and it seems to get the job done.

  3. Yellow is the bane of my existance. I can't ever paint it right. I actually did a base coat of Ianden Darksun, and then put the bright yellow over that, but it still looks like crap.

    I was going to just paint all the shoulders Ianden, but then I realized I would have to go back and paint like 150 shoulder pads, and I figured I'd just gut it out with the crappy bright yellow.