Saturday, September 4, 2010

Impassible Terrain!

So I went down to one of the remaining FLGS this weekend in search of my choosers of the slain. They were having what looked like a 40k couples tournament. Goatboy was there playing his new daemons. Wow these models look crazy (In a good way!) Goatboy was playing with Darkwynn who appeared to be playing marines, perhaps of the chaos variety (edit: turns out they were also Blood Angels). There were only 4-5 tables going, like 16-20 people and it appeared there were 3-4 Blood Angles.

I did find the models I was looking for so I paid up and I was on my way out when I saw this, and I had to go back and take a picture.

This is Azwan (sp?), and she has been in Dragon's Lair for at least 10 years, and she is the real power behind DL. I asked the guys playing this game and they said, "Well she owns the store, we're counting her as impassible terrain."

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  1. Creative way to accommodate for a sleepy kitty... nice!