Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chooser of the Slain Dilemma

So in the last Space Wolf codex, the Chooser of the Slain was a piece of wargear that a Rune Priest could take. It counted as an additional CCW and prevented people from infiltrating near the Rune Priest. I made a Chooser for my Space Pups when I went to BoLScon. A friend of mine gave me a falcon from some WHFB empire set, and I turned it into a cyber-falcon.

Now in the new rules, a Chooser is a marker that is put down on the table as a marker and bumps up the Rune Priests BS. This is nice because when using Living Lightning, I want as many of those bolts to hit as possible!

My problem is that the Falcon I have isn't very impressive for a stand along model, and I haven't seen too many eagles in the GW line. Even my current favorite (the one from Inquisitor Coteaz) still has its wings folded  (and I don't want to pay $45 for an eagle).

A buddy of mine gave me a couple of "gargoyle" bits from the Imperial Sector. These aren't bad, but they do look a bit static as they are supposed to be made out of stone.

This same buddy pointed me towards some reaper minis. These aren't bad as I'm not that concerned about making sure everything is GW.

Out of these ones, I'm leaning towards the 3rd one. A) because I like that the size and the spread of the wings for the Falcon, and, B) its cheaper than the other two and C) it comes with a hedgehog! I'm not sure If I'd just buy one and use the Raven or Vulture for my 2nd Rune Priest, or just drop another $7 and buy two sets (and two hedgehogs!)

Anywho... thats it.

P.S. My buddy also sent me a 4th option from Reaper.

Now if I can just come up with a back story as to why a Rune Priest would have a "Ho" as a familiar...


  1. Any self respecting Marine should have a few "Ho's" around....

  2. Wyrd Miniatures Austringer might be what you're looking for:

    If it doesn't have to be a bird, Wyrd has a whole lot of cool models you could use. I have a Razorspine Rattler onteh base of my Wolfpriest (and that thing is huge!):

    The Wolf-Waldgeist ist also very nice for Space Puppies:

    Other alternatives: